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why choose MindField

Top-class infrastructure for your use, to put you on the right career path


The people powering the idea

Seasoned veterans and energetic members working together to bring the mindfield vision to reality


What we offer.

Our offerings to enable you become a true engineer, and find the right career path


The MindField group.

The group, the work, and the values that drive us.


/ / we are mindField

We are MindField. We believe that learning is inherently fun when done the right way. We believe that experiencing it yourself is the only way to impart reusable education. And no faculty is qualified to teach you unless they themselves are delivering to the industry. A bright career is but a pleasant by-product of an education well-received.

We dont teach. We help you learn how to learn!

"I hear and I forget
I see and I remember
I do and I understand"
- Confucius.

More About Us

We at MindField adopt innovative methodologies to ramp up the students the right way so they are directly employable by corporates. Our methods highlights are -

  • All courses are as per industry requirements
  • Totally practical, lab-oriented approach
  • All faculty members parallely deliver products/services to companies in India and abroad
  • We pioneer the use of latest technnologies for education
  • All students work on practical projects
  • Opportunity to work on live projects for outstanding students
  • Opportunity of placements through our rich industrial contacts

/ / the MindField group.

We are a fast growing technology company with a strong advisory board, and a management team with more than 10 years of industry experience in India and abroad.

Since last three years, we are working to develop an educational framework sitting on the nexus of industry and academia. The consituting establishments of MindField group are:

MindField Institute
MindField Institute (Our Educational Wing) where we teach whatever is directly relevant to the industry, and organize practical labs. We've had chance to interact with 500+ students till date. Our effort is focused to make research an integral part of education, which naturally inducts students towards great career opportunities. As of date, our team consists of renowned people from both Industry and academia, and we are actively growing this network.

MindField Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
MindField Technologies Pvt. Ltd (Our Technical Consultancy Service company) where we bring live industry projects, which are executed by our engineering staff, and gives an opportunity to students to gain invaluable experience. Our focus area for consultancy services is high-end embedded and RTOS projects, in line with our core expertise and field of work. Our client list includes IITJ, JNVU, NAVTEL France etc and is growing each day.

/ / the MindField story.

The founder members are an active part of the embedded industry since 2000, and have worked for renowned companies in India and abroad, both in the capacity of full-time employees and as external consultants.

During our interactions with graduates in various capacities of interview panel members, team leads, etc, We realized that there exists a huge gap between the knowledge of fresh graduates, and the industry expectations. The students are very poor at correlating academic knowledge to real-life problems, and make their way through college curriculum mostly by rote. This produces a depressed, overburdened lot of engineers who are clueless on why they studied what they studied, who mostly fail at cracking interviews, and those who succeed have to be handeled from scratch.

MindField was started to address this problem in an fundamental way, where practicals outgrow theory, and learning outgrows rote, thereby producing graduates which have a deep understanding of the basics.

/ / courses to shape your talent.

Courses at MindField are designed to bring out the real talent in the students. All training programs are completely driven by hands-on experience and the focus is at 'learning by doing'.

Courses Overview

    3-4 Months project oriented program for college going students

  • Embedded System Design (3 months)
  • PLC/SCADA and Industrial Automation (4 Months)
  • Advanced C, Linux and RTOS (3 Months)

    4-6 Months Job Oriented Programs for pass out students

  • Embedded System Design (6 months)
  • PLC/SCADA and Industrial Automation (4 Months)

Embedded Systems Design

In today's world, embedded systems are everywhere - homes, offices, cars, factories, hospitals, plans and consumer electronics. Their huge numbers and new complexity call for a new breed of design engineers who are good at high-level tools and hardware/software tradeoffs. At MindField we adequately train new generations of engineers and researchers, professional and even institutions on embedded systems design as a scientific discipline and as a specialization area.

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PLC/SCADA & Industrial Automation

Industrial Automation is the basic need of almost every type of manufacturing and production unit today. Food/Beverage , Metal , Mining , Power , Textile , Petrochemical , Machine Manufacturing , Automobile etc are the few examples where we see the automation today.

At MindField we help the aspiring engineers acquainted with the conceptual as well as practical knowledge of the Industrial Automation & latest technologies being used to achieve industrial automation. We cover PLCs along with certain other necessary ingredients like Sensors, Motors, Actuators, Valves, Conveyors, Boilers and SCADA Systems.

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Advanced C, RTOS and Linux

To excel in the Industry, you need to learn several nifty tricks in C. We call it advanced C at this stage, but in reality, its the most basic concepts which are expected in the industry.

This is a practical, hands-on course where the student learns to apply C and RTOS concepts to solve real-life problems. You learn to analyze and solve problems, and learn several nifty tricks and thumb rules along the way, which eventually make C a useful tool for you, which you can apply as and when you need throughout your engineering career.

The platform for this course is Linux, and curriculum includes shell scripting which is needed for efficiently using Linux for day-to-day work.

During the 3 months curriculum, you will have coded 100 to 150 C programs, and have a rich bag of tricks for you to conjure at your will!

At the end of this course, you'll be able to crack any technical written test and interview.

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/ / Our team.

At MindField we are creating a framework where industry and institutes coexist and create research and job opportunities for students. In near future, we see MindField as India's top technology training institute and to achieve this, we are constantly adding like minded people who have strong industry experience or educational experience and who believe in knowledge sharing for a better India.

/ / MindField because

Infrastructure at MindField - An Overview

MindField premises have a total land area of 5000 sq feet with 80% Constructed area. There are two dedicated labs and two spacious classrooms with an LCD projector system in each.

Infrastructure - Overview

Infrastructure at MindField Embedded and Linux Lab

Embedded and Linux lab has following facilities:

  • Embedded Kit - AVR based Give away type kit for each student.
  • ATMEGA 8 robotics Board, Programmer, ADC Board, LCD Board, SW and LED Board.
  • I2C and SPI Boards, ARM Dev. Board, Linux Boards - Raspberry Pi, Free RTOS.
  • CRO, Multimeter and all necessary lab equipments and component library.

Embedded and Linux Lab


PLC/SCADA lab has following facilities:

  • All types of PLC brands are in lab. viz. Allen Bradley, Siemens, Modicon,
  • Drives, Denfoss, LS
  • Conveyor Plant setup, Process Plant Setup
  • SCADA - Wonderware Intouch


Other facilities

  • PCB Fabrication Setup,
  • Components library
  • 3D Printers for prototyping and deveopement
  • Moderern Classrooms, Reception Area

Other facilities

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Your opinion is important to us. Please feel free to make any equiry, suggestion, comment or compliment.

Constructive critisism is also welcomed.


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